In a world where technology is taking over, our mission is to bring control back to your hands. Whether you are a heavy page flipper, scrapbooker, sewist, or money flipper, we at Griply, want to ensure you have the best grip possible. Other products are bulky and make your fingers sweat. With our ring design and patented diamond weave texture on the inside of the ring, you'll always have control of the paper or item you need to grip. Also, our special blend of rubber is silicone free and is able to be used wet or dry. 

Our finger pads are uniquely designed for you and by you! From our patented ring design to our exceptional customer service, we’ve become one of the leading providers of grip technology. Dedicated to ensuring you never lose grip, we’ve designed rubber finger tips that will change how everyone grips items as we know it. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, our team is always available to answer your questions and hear your feedback. Why use other unsightly products that just don't work and make your hands sticky or sweaty? Avoid all that and get a grip today with Griply!

Our Mission

Leading in Grip Technology

Griply is the leading provider in grip technology. As a newer company, we at Griply want to ensure our products are the best on the market and ensure you get only the finest products with the finest materials available.

Quality Materials

Griply products are made with a proprietary blend of rubber materials that give them their exceptional grip and durability. You can find our materials being used in NASA, hospitals, underwater equipment and so much more!

Customer Satisfaction

Here at Griply, we put the customers first. Without you, we would have no one to provide quality products to! We read ALL feedback and are constantly monitoring our products for quality assurance and customer satisfaction.

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